Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hello blog world, 

We are Molly and MacKenzie Wilson. We are sisters and of course best friends. Surprisingly Molly is the older sister by about two and a half years. Molly just graduated from college and is currently living in our home state of North Carolina. I (MacKenzie) am currently a freshmen in college and am living in Nashville Tennessee. We are two extremely different people. Molly is the social butterfly and loves to be around people all the time. She is definitely a trend setter and has a quality to her personality that just makes people want to be around her all the time. She is extremely creative and has an eye for design and fashion which is why she would like to be an event planner.  I on the other hand am a bit more reserved and methodical. I love to be alone and have quality time by myself but I also love being around people. I am actually a musician and a singer/songwriter. I came to Nashville to chase my dream of becoming a country artist. 

The one thing that we both love is all things FASHION. About two years ago we discovered the YouTube beauty guru community and both became obsessed with watching some of our favorite gurus like meganheartsmakeup, juicystar07, and carlycristman. Then we discovered the blogging community and quickly realized that this was something we were passionate about and decided that we wanted to start our very own fashion blog. We both love clothes and one of our favorite things to do is go shopping together. Since we live in different cities we constantly are calling each other about all of our latest purchases or things that we are dying to buy. 

Now both of us are living on the typical college student/young adult budget so neither of us spend oodles of cash on clothes. We are innate bargain hunters (thanks to our mom) and are always looking for the most bang for our buck. Our favorite stores include Forever 21, H&M, J. Crew (where Molly works), Anthropologie, and local boutiques. Molly personally has an eye for picking out the perfect individual pieces. She can go into a store any time, any day and always come out with that cutest thing in the store. I on the other hand have a better eye for taking individual pieces and putting them together to make a completed outfit. Together we make the perfect team. 

We hope you enjoy these little glimpses into our world and let us know what you think of all of our outfits. We cannot wait to start posting all of looks. Enjoy!



  1. You girls are so cute! Can't wait to see your blog grow!


  2. Hello there girls and welcome to the blog world! I am waiting for new posts.

    Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  3. Omg your so pretty! Your hair is so glossy ^^ I'm following you! Can't wait to see more :D

    - Cecilie []

  4. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! It is so cute so far, great senses of style between the two of you! I look forward to reading more! I am from NC too. I graduate from Appstate in two months!

  5. Just found this blog. You guys are too cute. I'll definitely be following. I'm assuming MacKenzie goes to Belmont. I'm from Nashville, and I also went there! It's a great school in a great city! Now I live in Dallas, working and doing my own fashion blog. Keep it up ladies!!

    1. Thank you SOOO much! We really appreciate it! And yes I do go to Belmont, what a small world! I absolutely love it and am honestly having the time of my life. We checked out your blog and LOVE it you have an amazing style. I'm not surprised though, Belmont people are always stylish!


  6. Love your blog! :) My sis and I are 21 months apart and we are inseparable so I can totally relate! We share everything in our closets which is so amazing b/c it's double the clothes, shoes, and accessories.

    Rachael from 'All Things Beautiful'

  7. Hey girls!! Your blog is so adorable. I am just starting up again and trying to redesign my blog. I was just wondering if you have any advice on how you spread the word on a new blog and get it out there. Thanks so much!!

    xo Katie

  8. You two cutie pies!!! Okay, so where in NC is Molly living? Whitley at the Queen City Style.

  9. You two are adorable! I share a blog called Two Leaf Clover with my sister Meg! We're about the same age and roughly the same gap apart! We totally relate to your story, Meg just move to LA to pursue her dream of acting! Best of luck in Nashville! I am so excited I stumbled upon this adorable blog!

  10. im so glad i discovered this blog! my sister and i blog over at Pretty Pieces ( and love seeing other sisters doing the same!


  11. You guys are so adorable! I bet the blog is a great way to keep in touch even though you're living in different cities. And those stores you mentioned are also some of my favorite stores! I'd also add LOFT in there though. And Molly works at J. Crew? Sweet! Probably takes good advantage of her employee's discount huh?

    I wish you luck chasing your country dream! I love country music; hope to be hearing you on the radio soon!


  12. Hello ladies! I look forward to reading your blog! It is wonderful to see North Carolina represented in the blogging community!

  13. You girls are beautiful! what a fun idea to have a blog with your sister. it makes me want to start one with mine! sisters are the best :)

    I stumbled on your blog and am so happy I did! I love it! Now following :) would love if you stopped by mine!


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