Monday, February 13, 2012

Roommate Raid!

Meet my roommate Caroline! Isn't she fabulous? You might be wondering why she is the very first outfit post? Well, I wanted to try shooting a look in the dorm room to see how it turned out. These were the results, not the best, but it's a start.

I am one of the blessed college freshmen who has a roommate that I get along with splendidly. Caroline is literally like my second sister. I don't know how I would have survived the first semester without her. She is literally one of my favorite people on the planet.ROOMMATES FOREVER! Plus on top of all her fabulousness she loves fashion just as much as I do. We are constantly borrowing from each others closets and helping each other get dressed on Friday and Saturday nights. We have nights where we spend an hour putting together strange outfits that we will never wear outside of our dorm room. You will start to see our obsession with cat eye sunglasses. We basically wear them every day. Caroline actually bought me some for my birthday and also treated herself to a pair as well. We get so excited when we look out our windows in the morning and it's sunny because as we say, "It's a cat eye day!"

Caroline recently picked up this adorable high/low tribal print skirt on one of our latest shopping excursions. I immediately told her that it was such a blog worthy skirt. We decided to take some pictures of the look and post it on the new blog. The funny thing is that she had just gotten back from the gym and had on no makeup and she looks that amazing.

Hope you enjoyed the first look.


Skirt: Blush (local Nashville boutique) Shirt: Blush (local Nashville Boutique) Belt: (vintage) Necklace: (vintage) Earrings: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Charming Charlies Shoes: Target (Mossimo)

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