Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casual in California

(Blouse, Necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Old Navy, Belt: J.Crew, Watch:Betsy Johnson Shoes:Steve Madden) 

Day two in California was an absolute success. Molly and I spent ALL day shopping in the most fantastic and gigantic mall EVER. This mall was huge and had one of the biggest Forever 21s that I have ever been to. It was straight out of any girls fantasy. We also hit up H&M which is hard to come by in North Carolina and J. Crew. Molly and I got a lot of cute stuff that will fill our outfit posts for the next few weeks. Since we had to sacrifice one of our precious days under the beautiful California sun we are dedicating all day tomorrow to laying by the pool with our mom reading our latest books and drinking Diet Dr Pepper. Sounds like my kind of day. 

By the way the fabulous sandals are from my mom's closet. LOVE THEM! 


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