Saturday, February 25, 2012

California Dreaming...

So in just a matter of days Molly and I will be reunited for a whole 10 days in the beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, California. It is my spring break so the rest of the family has decided to all take some vacation time and bask in the sunshine for a few days. Molly and I could not be more excited! First of all that means we can finally get rid of our pasty white skins and secondly the shopping in California far surpasses what we have here on the East Coast. We plan on doing A LOT of shopping and A LOT of outfit posts, especially since we will finally be together for an extended period of time. 

I am so excited for the spring trends this season because they fit right into my typical style. My friend actually texted me the other day and said,"I HATE YOU! Everything that is in style would look good with everything in your closet." I suppose the fashion gods are just on my side this year. I'm not complaining.  

Here are some of my favorite trends: 


Colored Denim:


Color Blocking:




Can't wait to go shopping and hopefully find some of these trends.
All items pulled off of the Forever21 website.



  1. such a great post :)
    i love this trend so much. the pastels, especially mintgreen, peach and nude are just perfect for spring/summer.
    will follow you, dear :) you have an amazing blog! maybe you'll have a look also on mine :)


    1. awww thanks so much girl! I'm sooo glad you like it. We will definitely come check out your blog and stay in touch with you:)