Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Second Chances

Just in case you missed yesterday's post, we wanted to remind you:) We did a blog swap with the adorable Elspeth from elle bow room. Make sure and check out our outfits on her blog and leave her some love. It is so much fun to get to interact with other bloggers, especially ones that are as sweet and fashionable as Elspeth!

On a completely different note, MacKenzie and I had a revolution while shooting the other night. We have finally mastered the background blur!!!!! We have been trying to learn it for weeks and FINALLY figured it out. What a relief to say we have achieved official blogger background blur status. Aren't you guys loving that blur in these pictures?  We know, we should go into photography:) 

Happy Hump Day


  1. Oh my gosh I have been trying to figure it out!! How do you do it!?

    1. use a longer lens....have your subject far away from the background....also stand far away from your subject and zoom in! Hope this helps:) Thanks for stopping by our blog:)

  2. Beautiful photos, love the lace dress with the salmon-hued necklace and the wonderful crochet vest!
    If you have a free moment I would so appreciate you checking out my new coral + mint outfit post!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. You guys are beautiful and I'm in LOVE with this white lace dress! Fabulous blog and I'm totally following you :) I'd love for you to check out mine too!

  4. You two are adorable!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Um hello, you are both looking GORGEOUS! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Thank you for checking my blog out!! Your blog is so cute! I love the name :) These pictures are great!! I'd love to see more of your posts!! Would you like to follow each other's blogs? Just let me know :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  7. Following you as well :) I love your corral necklace you're wearing here! So Pretty :)

  8. great outfits!

  9. You girls are absolutely adorable! And I seriously "LOL"ed when I read "blogger blur"! It's called aperture ;) You girls are so well dressed and put together!

    Amy @

  10. lace is so pretty!!

    I follow you now!
    could you follow back?

  11. You two are the cutest! I love love both of your outfits. And congrats on mastering the background blur!!

  12. you two are just too too cute! love the blog, love the looks. gonna have to follow ;)

  13. you girls are gorgeous! and i love that you are sisters and have a blog together- what a fun way to bond :)
    (i don't know if you two know that your buttons at the top don't go to the pages- it links to photobucket-thought i'd let you know!)

    also, i would LOVE to button swap with you! let me know if you're interested and lets chat!

    andrea brionne

  14. hey! Duobloggers with an excellent blogname. I love both idea of working the crotched motive: one romantic and quite feminine and the other gorgeously active & gogetting

    *MlleWanderlust *

  15. U both look super cute!!! i like both outfits!! amazing!

  16. you two are so adorable! lOVELY BLOG YOU HAVE HERE! am following you now via gfc :) hope you could check out my blog and follow me back!

    xoxo, alee

  17. i'm pretty sure that lace dress has my name all over it. deets?

  18. Leah it's from a store called Zara! They have online shopping:)

  19. I'm in the market for a new camera. What kind do you use?